This is My New Year Post

It’s been quite a decade!! I feel like it’s been a race to the end of this year. I’ve been sick the last three weeks, which isn’t fun having to still go to work. The persistent cough pulled some chest muscles and has been downright miserable.
Tonight I finished work, came home and did as little as possible (still had to wash the sink full of pots because my brain wouldn’t rest until I did). I was asleep by 7pm. Waking up off and on until I heard the fireworks at 12am from neighbors out here in the country. Now I’m wide awake!

I haven’t had the chance to reflect on the year or decade until today, or yesterday rather (December 31). I applied for a promotion, which I didn’t receive, but ultimately got a lateral move job at work and started December 16. It’s been exhausting trying to learn the new role, being sick, the holiday, weather, new house exterior work… but I’m loving the new job and the house looks amazing so far!

This decade has seen so many highs and lows. We moved back from Australia in 2010, had the last two children, my oldest brother passed away, we bought a house and property, started two businesses, passed tons of milestones with the children, had good health and bad, homeschooled, stay at home mom-ed, transitioned to public school, I became a working mom. There are literally thousands of minutes of time that passed between the first word of this paragraph and the ending period—>.

Along the way there have been SO. MANY. blessings! Lots of lessons learned. Maturing. But ultimately this has been the best decade of my life. The most full. I mean besides the three years prior to 2010 where I got married, moved overseas, and had my first child.

It’s made fuller being surrounded by my loved ones and the guy who makes it the best- my wonderful hubby, and my faith in God.

In 2019, my “word” was ‘Joy’. But I feel like that’s my life’s word. So I’m carrying it with me into this new year. My life is so much more enriched when I look for things to be grateful for and see the blessings and positive around me.

I’m looking forward to the coming year and decade. I know the next ten years will see huge changes as our children grow into adults, graduate high school (Whaaat?!) choose careers and most importantly, grow in their faith and walks with God.

As the sun sets on another year and decade, may we all be blessed and see the blessings even in the hard times, grief and unexpected this year and every year.

With love,

5 thoughts on “This is My New Year Post

  1. Jean Mendelsohn

    Thank you so-o-o much Simcha. What a decade it has been for you and your family! I’m sorry you have been so sick and hope you are healing well. I love how you share your feeling and your faith! Love you💕

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