Letter from My Future Self:

Dear Simcha,

Hi, it’s me, your future self. I just thought I’d drop a note. I know you don’t always want to hear from me (you tend to be very focused on the present). But it’s good to look up and look ahead so you can refocus and pivot if you need to.

 I know with the craziness happening in the world right now with the Corona Virus that you’re feeling anxious and afraid. You tuned it all out at first. It was overseas. It’s just the flu. It’ll die down after a while. Everyone is being alarmist.

But then a nearby county had a confirmed case and a death. Then the major city nearby declared a state of emergency… then the county next door. Gathering sizes were limited. Social distancing was implemented. People were “panic” buying essential items. Then you took it seriously. You took practical steps to provide for your family.

Schools and jobs shut. Businesses closed or limited hours.

Reading articles and watching news clips on Facebook made your blood pressure rise. You had a stress headache for two days straight.

I get it. It’s unsettling. This is new territory for your generation. Unprecedented events.

What I want to tell you, present self is, “Chill out. It’s going to be okay. This will pass”.

Yes, it seems the world has gone mad. It’s upside down. Life has been canceled. People’s worst natures are coming out.

It will probably get worse before it gets better, at least that’s what “they” say.

But girl, may I remind you, your trust and hope are in God. No matter what happens, no matter how this plays out, He is still in control. He’s not surprised by this pandemic.

Reel it back in and get back to the basics.



Read your scriptures. (Yes, you know you should be doing it anyway, but that’s the one you tend to let fall by the wayside, Simcha).

Use the time the kids have off school to reconnect and have some fun. Have a couple dance parties to your favorite songs by those Christian artists. It’s easy to just look up the music videos on YouTube and crank up the sound. Play games. Color with your daughter.

I know the last thing you wanted to do after a long, cold, tiring winter is to be cooped up at home not visiting friends. Having your camping plans canceled. But you can still go outside. Text your friends and family or even Facetime them. The power and internet still work.

Practice being flexible. Roll with the ever-changing crisis. Do the next right thing (thank you Emily P. Freeman and your book entitled The Next Right Thing).

Simcha, when you feel the panic rising, redirect your thoughts and see the joy in that moment. You’ll have to force yourself to do this. It doesn’t come naturally to you.

Ignore all the negative chatter around you and don’t contribute to it.

Keep your favorite scriptures forefront in your mind.

  • For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    2 Timothy 1:7

  • Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
    Proverbs 3:5-6

You were born into this time and place for a reason. It’s not a mistake. Shine the hope of Jesus through your countenance. You’ve got this!  

That’s all for now!

Future Simcha

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