Happy New Year 2021! 🎉

This year has been quite a journey for everyone, hasn’t it? One thing I think is unifying is virtually every single person on the planet has been affected by the virus in one way or another. In one of the most polarizing and divisive years in history, there is something that connects us and we can all agree on: 2020 was a trying year (to put it mildly). Although we all had different experiences or reactions to the year, hopefully we’ve arrived at the end of it wiser, more empathetic, and with our goals and perspective on life more clarified.
My hope is that we all will walk even closer with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit to guide us in the year ahead and through the challenges and uncertainty that it most likely will hold. The forces around us spiritually and earthly are trying to divide and distract us now more than ever, but we need to be focused on Jesus and our purpose on this earth.
Maybe that renewed focus means cultivating our relationships with our family, quitting or getting that job, applying for a promotion, having a renewed sense of purpose in our current job, going back to college, supporting the cause you’re passionate about, turning off the news, unfollowing people or groups, doing more or less activities outside the home, taking more time for self-care… regardless of what it looks like for you, just do it! No one will do it for you. It’s going to be a new year with new opportunities, but also a lot of sameness. Let’s use the days wisely. 💗

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